May 15: Devotions

“Devotions are times when you focus on the person of God in prayer and/or the Bible and set your heart and mind on his divine truth.
Devotions are quiet times of reflection, confession, worship and examination. Our devotions must be Christ centered and seek to move us into a more intimate and personal relationship with our Lord.” (

St. Louis de Montfort wrote True Devotion to Mary and it was published in 1843. He said that, “True devotion to the Blessed Virgin is interior, is tender, that is full of trust in the Blessed Virgin, like the confidence a child has in its mother. True devotion to the Blessed Virgin is holy – that is, it leads us to avoid sin and to imitate her. True devotion to the Blessed Virgin is constant. It strengthens us in doing good and it inspires the soul to seek, not itself, but God alone, in His Holy Mother.”  For more information please visit this website: